Adriana Lima: One Sexy Mama

Known as one of the hottest women in the world, Adriana Lima is doing her best to acclimate to the dual role of sex symbol and loving wife/mother.

The Brazilian beauty, who dons the pages of many of the sexiest bikini/lingerie shoots ever to be seen, currently is spending time with husband Marko Jaric and 8-month-old daughter Valentina.

Recently chatting with Hello! Canada, Miss Lima said of her pregnancy, "I was very sick for five months. And then I had pre-eclampsia, so Valentina was born earlier because of that. But thank God, she was healthy and everything was fine."

As for Marko, she tells, "He's been the greatest. I'm so lucky. After the birth, he helped me so much. He would help me feed her, change the diapers - actually, he was better than me at changing her! He's still great. He's always there and he loves Valentina so much. I can see it in his eyes every time he looks at her. He's so happy."
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