Lindsay Lohan's Lonely Weekend Behind Bars

Getting settled into her temporary digs at the Century Regional Detention Facility, Lindsay Lohan is lined up for quite the lonely weekend behind bars.

Having been taken into custody on Tuesday morning (July 20), the "Mean Girls" starlet has already used up her allotted visits for the week - as her mother, Dina, and former girlfriend, Samantha Ronson, came to see her over the past few days.

Talking about jail protocol, Steve Whitmore told press, "Inmates are allowed two 30 minute visits a week, from family and friends. Those don't include professional visits by attorneys. Ms. Lohan already has had her two thirty minute visits for the week."

And while inmates are usually required to have their visitors show up on weekends, LiLo got the weekday treatment over jail safety concerns.

Whitmore tells, "Ms. Lohan was allowed the visits during the week for security reasons."

As for her upcoming outlook, the latest reports tell that Lindsay will most likely be released in early August before being let loose for the probation department to keep tabs on.
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