Leo DiCaprio: No Plans to Work with Mel

Currently basking in the release of his wildly acclaimed box-office topping movie "Inception," fans are wondering what's next for Leonardo DiCaprio.

While the Los Angeles Times previously reported that the "Titanic" hunk was planning to star in a Mel Gibson-directed flick about Vikings, E! Online sources deny the DiCaprio/Gibson pairing.

Of the rumors, a source close to Leo's doings tells E!, "There's not even a script yet. So it's not real, but it is technically still in the works. Nothing has been settled."

As for the chances that DiCaprio would still do the picture in spite of Gibson's personal drama, another insider tells, "No, I doubt Leo would do it, especially after all this."

Meanwhile, Leo lovers can rejoice in the fact that he will definitely be partaking in the George Clooney produced/directed big-screen adaptation of the political play "Farragut North".
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