Kellan Lutz Dishes on Ashley Greene's "Warrior" Role

They are used to playing vampire brother and sister in “The Twilight Saga,” but now Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene are taking on two totally different roles together.

In the upcoming movie, “Warrior,” Mr Lutz is set to play a lacrosse player whose life spirals out of control after his father dies while Ms Greene will star as his love interest named Brooklyn.

Of working with Ashley in the new film, Kellan told MTV News, "Ashley's friggin' talented. It's really cool to see your friend [in a different way] and to work with a friend, let alone her being so talented, to see her transform from one character to another.”

He added, "Alice is a fun little pixie character, and then Brooklyn, you know, is a sweet, lacrosse-player type of coach's daughter. It's fun working with her and seeing her transform herself."

“Warrior” will be released sometime in 2011.
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