Joanna Garcia Talks Wedding Plans

Making a name for herself on the CW show "Gossip Girl," Joanna Garcia spent Tuesday evening (July 20) at a party to celebrate the launch of the new Target store in East Harlem.

While there, the 30-year-old actress dished on a number of topics including the all-important revelation of her wedding plans with fiance Nick Swisher.

Talking about her 29-year-old MLB pro beau, Joanna tells Us magazine, "He's always doing romantic things for me! He's always... leaving me little things. He draws a lot for me."

As for the wedding agenda, Miss Garcia dishes, "We don't have any set plans yet, but it will definitely be sometime during the off-season."

Also asked about possible nuptial locations, Joanna said, "We're also not sure on that. Basically, I've got a timeframe and almost a dress, but other than that, I'm just enjoying being engaged."
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