Carrie Underwood: French Polynesian Honeymoon Passion

Having quite the romantic honeymoon getaway, Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher made their way to the French Polynesian islands to celebrate their nuptials.

Earlier this week, the "American Idol" alum and her hockey playing hubby passionately showed their affection for one another while smooching in a deck lounge area at Le Tahaa Resort in Tahiti.

During the sighting, Miss Underwood was clad in a colorful bikini before tossing on comfortable sportswear to walk around and check out the gorgeous scenery - which has brought out famous visitors including Nicole Kidman and Eva Longoria in the past.

As previously reported by Gossip, Carrie and Mike were married in Georgia last week, with Carrie saying after the nuptials, "We could not feel more blessed to have found each other."
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