Betty White's Charitable Fashion Endeavor

Continuing to push forth more business ideas as her stardom reaches an all-time high, Betty White will be trying her hand in the fashion world.

The 88-year-old "Golden Girls" gal has reportedly teamed up with Jerry Leigh Apparel to offer up brand new T-shirts and hoodies donning her likeness.

Talking to AOL StyleList, Andrew Leigh says, "With Betty White's star continuing to be on the rise, she was a natural fit for Jerry Leigh Apparel, as we pride ourselves on offering the most cutting edge developments in the apparel industry."

With a proceed of shirt sales going straight to White's favorite cause, the Morris Animal Foundation, Leigh tells, "With Betty dedicated to her philanthropic efforts with the Morris Animal Foundation, we knew this venture would be a good fit and it would appeal to the general public and Betty White's extensive fan base."
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